Region: Southeast Asia

Population: 32,700,000

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

GDP (Million US$): $364.7

Disaster Risk Profile: Exposed to high risk to floods alongside medium exposure to forest fires and landslides.

Inform Risk Rating: 3.3

DRR Plans and Policies

Institutional DRR Setup

National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA)

A new NADMA was established under the Prime Minister’s department and acts as the disaster management agency, headed by senior government officials. Small agency units have been set up at the community and village level to manage small-scale disasters, headed by the Civil Defense Department. The National Security Council (NSC) coordinates all disaster management including all activities being implemented by the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee at the federal, state and local levels.

Federal Disaster Management and Relief Committee

The committee formulates national level policies and strategies that are later implemented by DMRC at the state and district levels.

Progress under each Sendai Priority

A Disaster Portal (Portal Bencana) was set up to ensure national up-to-date information on disaster and hazard-related information is publicly available in meeting Priority 1 of understanding disaster risk, prior to which Malaysia has continued to ensure disaster data is publicly available since 2005. National guidelines, including the ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response, formulated to strengthen disaster risk governance, in alignment with Priority 2, draw close reference to the Directive No. 20: National Policy and Mechanism on Disaster Management and Relief.

The central and state government in Malaysia are responsible for overseeing the allocation of funds for disaster risk reduction, including distribution of the National Disaster Relief Trust Fund. Additional emphasis on investing in disaster resilience, as highlighted in Priority 3, are overseen by the Malaysia Civil Defence Force (MCDF) which runs national-wide Public Preparedness Programs. To ensure more effective disaster response and recovery, in achieving Priority 4, Malaysia invests in a comprehensive early warning system as well as a Flood Forecasting and Warning System to ensure warning messages are disseminated across various media channels in a timely manner. Find out more.

NDMO Contact Information

National Disaster Management Agency

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